What is Two-Way Authentication?

Protecting your account with multifactor secure verification

Two-Way authentication is a ‘One-Time Password’ that is randomly generated and sent to the client provided mobile number via SMS and voice call for number validation. This is to provide an enhanced level of security to substantiate the correctness of the mobile number. Through two-way authentication, companies can ensure authentication of any type of account registration and confirm client details.

Two-Way Authentication Features

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Two-Way Authentication Benefits

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  • It makes activation processes seamless by providing instant OTP.
  • Helps to lower user acquisition costs while optimizing every activation.
  • Easy automated process from mobile verification to online transaction.
  • Business Can make this step mandatory for users during registration.
  • It safeguards customers transactions by adding OTP as security layer.
  • Helps in meeting business grade standards & highest uptime in the industry.

How Two-Way Authentication Works?

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Two-Way Authentication - Price & Plans

We offer a range of plans for Ultimate flexibility

Starter Plan 199/mo

Basic Plan 299/mo

Advanced Plan 399/mo

Premiumn Plan 499/mo

Starter Plan 150/mo

Basic Plan 250/mo

Advanced Plan 350/mo

Premiumn Plan 450/mo