What is Cloud Ring?

Be responsive with every missed call to connect with your customers

CloudRing is a cloud-based missed call alert service, which helps companies to organize Vote and Poll system, Get instant feedback and Aid lead generation. CloudRing can be easily integrated with any applications.It design architecture highly scalable to meet all your custom requirement.

Cloud Ring Features

Smart business require smarter attributes

Cloud Ring Benefits

It’s worth investing to engage the world with scale

  • Businesses with limited call support attendant can call back callers after once they get time.
  • Helpful for Lead generation campaign, especially when the user doesn't want to spend calling charges.
  • Effective in building Opt-in database which further business can use for other activities.
  • Helpful to do Surveys & Poll campaigns, when expected responses will be usually in large.
  • Works Best in subscription based model i.e business can use it for user alert subscription services.
  • It’s Auto reply SMS can help in spreading discount coupon promotion & delivery easily.
  • Providing user responses in details like date and time i.e best for Information pooling.
  • Can be used for effective user registration by just getting missed call on single number.

How Cloud Ring Works?

No matter how you use, it’s always best for your business

Cloud Ring - Price & Plans

We offer a range of plans for Ultimate flexibility

Starter Plan 199/mo

Basic Plan 399/mo

Advanced Plan 599/mo

Premiumn Plan 799/mo

Starter Plan 150/mo

Basic Plan 350/mo

Advanced Plan 550/mo

Premiumn Plan 750/mo