What is Cloud Phone?

Add your Phone on the cloud for timely support to your customers

A cloud Phone is a virtual number that is not associated to any physical handset or mobile connection and is hosted over the cloud platform. Companies can track and get detailed reports of all inbound/outbound business calls. A cloud number can configure with Cloud TALK IVR application that helps customers to map Departments or employees on Cloud IVR using extensions.

Cloud Phone are of three different types:

Mobile Number

Mobile Number is a 10-digit usual phone number that is routed and configured to the CloudyTel products.

Toll-Free Number

A toll-free number allows clients to connect with the enterprise from anywhere in the country without any extra cost.

Landline Number

Landline Number increases client’s faith as the number looks like a real landline base number.

Cloud Phone - Price & Plans

We offer a range of plans for Ultimate flexibility

To setup and start with your cloud phone, You have to purchase it through our online platform/website. However, we do not have any such major conditions except a small amount of 3 months security deposit (calculated by simply multiplying monthly cost of your selected Cloud Phone with 3) to safeguard the initial monthly rental cost. By Default, We are charging "300 INR/Local" Landline Number.

For more details about types of Cloud Phone and related Monthly/Yearly plans, Kindly contact our Customer care team.