What is Cloud Conference?

Bring Next Generation Cloud-Based Conference Room

Seamlessly integrated with advanced collaboration tools is the first step in delivering true end-to-end collaboration between individuals and teams.Using cloud conferencing, companies can connect with multiple employees with a single call. It can host meetings over the cloud conference anytime and be reachable 365 days and 24 hours a day. On-demand, self-service teleconferencing service made easy for numbers of participants.

Cloud Conference Features

Smart business require smarter attributes

Cloud Conference Benefits

It’s worth investing to engage the world with scale

  • Easy Audio Conferencing for both small Meetings and Strategic Events needs.
  • Exchange Thoughts, Ideas and Actions using Hybrid Conferencing.
  • Effectively improve productivity of the business.
  • Instantly Organise and Manage Conference Calls With Crystal Clear Audio.
  • Basically ideal for pre-planned scheduled meetings & regular conferences.
  • Seamlessly integrated and delivering maximum flexibility.

How Cloud Conference Works?

No matter how you use, it’s always best for your business

Cloud Conference - Price & Plans

We offer a range of plans for Ultimate flexibility

Starter Plan 199/mo

Basic Plan 299/mo

Advanced Plan 399/mo

Premiumn Plan 499/mo

Starter Plan 150/mo

Basic Plan 250/mo

Advanced Plan 350/mo

Premiumn Plan 450/mo