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General FAQ

  • What If my plan validity expires?
    After your Plan validity expiry date, You will no longer use the balance remaining in your account, which also means that your services will be suspended. However, If you make a payment before expiry date or renew your existing plan further, We will carry forward your that particular month balance to the next validity period so that you can use it later. Go to buy now option to renew your plan validity or existing or upgraded plan.
  • What if my balance reached to zero?
    You can still see all details and reports like the same before account is in active mode. Also, you can able to login with existing login username & password but to use our services further, You need to re-activate the plan after making a payment.
    All Our Cloudytel products is on prepaid basis and your account will be active and functional till your expiry date & there is available balance in your account.
  • How can I re-activate my plan?
    We are a cloud telephony product solution provider company and We like online payments only i.e through Net Banking, Debit card, Credit Card or through third party verified payment gateway as well. For Online payment, please login your account and go to billing section to make your payment.
  • How can i gets the Invoices?
    For Simplicity, transparency and completely automated billing process, all invoices will be dispatched by us only through our CloudyTel email id to your registered primary email address. It means, only the person who registered as a primary user and billing owner with CloudyTel will receive a copy of the invoice.

    * We are not providing any hard copies.

    * To know about configured registered email address, go to CloudyTel account section and check registered primary email or billing owner address tab.

    * For Accounting purpose, You can take a printout of the invoice which we will sent on your registered email address and can submit to your concerned accounts department.
  • How can i use my own Phone Number as Cloud Phone?
    You can buy it on your ID from any operator or from our partner operators. Call us and we will guide you in the right direction. After activation of SIM, just put it in your cell phone and set call forwarding to our provided CDS Number. That’s It. Now your number is ready to use as a CloudyTel Phone. In the same way, you can do the same forwarding process with your pre-activated existing number.
  • What is CDS?
    Cloudytel Divert System (CDS) is a hierarchical decentralized divert system for Phone Integration. In it, We are providing a centralised number which user can use to divert their number to connect and convert as a Cloud Phone. For better uptime, We’ll always give you one backup number. It means if you will face any issue in primary centralised number then immediately you can use 2nd provided number for continuous service.